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Diosmin and Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction

Diosmin is extracted through plants or acquired by synthesis (as another bioflavonoid, hidrosmin). The half-life associated with diosmin is 8–12 hours, with its removal being renal (65%) and biliary (35%).

Micronization enables the decrease in particle scale the flavone small fraction from 20 in order to 2 µM, thereby growing the intestinal assimilation and bioavailability from the substance.

Diosmin as well as micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF) address venous tone (by inhibiting the break down of norepinephrine [noradrenaline] through catechol-O-methyltransferase. The degree of this particular effect varies within linear relation to the actual dose administered, lymphatic drainage (decrease within the diameter of lymphatic vessels and intralymphatic pressure, increased peristalsis) and the microcirculation (inhibition of adhesion regarding leukocytes, their intratissue migration, the release involving inflammatory mediators).
MPFF is indicated inside the treatment of edema regarding symptoms related to venous insufficiency (edema, weighty legs, discomfort, pruritus, night cramps, discomfort, swelling). It may be pointed out in pelvic blockage syndrome, venous surgical treatment (decrease in postoperative pain and more quick recovery) and lymphedema, including filarial. The other indications tend to be gynecologic (tense, unpleasant breasts, intrauterine device–related bleeding) and proctologic.

Double-blind clinical tests also demonstrate a substantial improvement in the standard of living of patients along with chronic venous deficiency. However , the number of sufferers registered in these studies is small. New research did not demonstrate the perfect effect of MPFF, other than on night cramping.

According to five medical trials joined in any meta-analysis, MPFF might hasten the recovery of leg ulcers. However , relative effectiveness was demonstrated just in a small subgroup connected with venous ulcers (ulcers between 5 and also 10 cm in region, and those present with regard to 6–12 months), and also the results need to be construed very cautiously. Furthermore, the most rigorously carried out study (Zucarelli Farrenheit, Rieger H, 2004) was not published along with yielded negative outcomes. Therefore , this indicator is not considered from the latest guidelines.


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