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Diosmin is a little class associated with agents known as phlebotonics

Diosmin is included among a smallish class of brokers called "phlebotonics" possessing heterogeneous composition and also consisting partly with citrus peel essences (flavonoids, such as hesperidin) and synthetic molecules, which are used to treat severe venous insufficiency or perhaps hemorrhoids. A 2016 Cochrane review determined only moderate-quality research that diosmin or maybe other phlebotonics better leg and ankle joint swelling and leg pain, and a this review indicated low-quality evidence for getting rid of hemorrhoids.

In 2017, the American Doing the job Group in Severe Venous Disease advisable use of micronized filtered flavonoid fraction (diosmiplex) as a medical food items for chronic venous disease symptoms along with venous ulcers, obtaining "beneficial outcomes while not serious adverse events", alone or merged with compression therapy, concurring with the previous suggestions of the International Euro Society for Vascular Surgery. The Spanish Dermatological Society portrayed that Diosmin should be employed with other treatments regarding symptoms of chronic venous diseases.

The National Society of Bowel and Rectal Operating specialists mentions phlebotonics just as one treatment for associated with hemorrhoid grades I just to II, like there is only moderate-quality evidence of effectiveness by using "expectations of marginal harm", while having virtually no evidence of long-term reward. French, Indian, Colonial, and Italian qualified societies of coloproctology issued similar choices regarding phlebotonics intended for hemorrhoids.


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