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Diosmin- History

In 1925, diosmin was first isolated from Scrophularia nodosa L. (figwort). It was introduced as a therapeutic agent in 1969 and has been widely used in Europe as a phlebotonic and vascular protector for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and hemorrhoids. Since 2005 it has been used to treat vascular diseases. Due to its potential anticancer effects, many researchers consider diosmin an alternative treatment for various cancers, including hepatocellular, colon, and urinary bladder cancers, with advantages being lower costs and fewer adverse reactions compared with chemotherapy.

Since 2000, micronized diosmin (90%) plus hesperidin (10%) as a fixed pharmaceutical product (MPFF) has been used extensively in Europe to treat blood vessel and lymphatic diseases. It is most often used in the United States as the dietary supplement Daflon (diosmin 450 mg/hesperidin 50 mg).

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