Citrimore is formed for citrus extracts and their derivatives. Through decades' in-depth study on various of citrus in different places of origin, we obtain a clear understanding of Citrus.

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Hesperidin Methylchalcone

Hesperidin Methylchalcone Product Name: Hesperidin Methylchalcone

CAS Number: 24292-52-2

Specification: 98%UV

Raw material main source: Sichuan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Hunan, etc.

Appearance: Yellow fine powder

Botanical Source: Citrus Aurantium L.


Hesperidin Methylchalcone is a methylate compound of soluble flavone and soluble dihydrochalcone which can increase the effect of vitamin C with the same function as vitamin P. What's more, characters in strong anti-virus and anti-bacteria. It is preventing influenza virus' breeding with large dosage, inhibiting tyrosinase which causing skin to black.

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