Citrimore is formed for citrus extracts and their derivatives. Through decades' in-depth study on various of citrus in different places of origin, we obtain a clear understanding of Citrus.

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Naringenin Product Name: Naringenin

Synonym: Naringenine, Naringetol

CAS Number: 480-41-1

Specification: 95%, 98%HPLC

Raw material main source: Sichuan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Hunan, etc.

Appearance: White fine powder

Botanical Source: Citrus grandis L.


Naringenin is a kind of natural flavonoid compounds, widely existing in the pomelo of rutaceous plants. It mainly comes from the enzymolysis of naringin in white needle crystal, and is widely used in food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

In Food and Flavors:

1. It can enhance the sweet taste of a sweet-tasting substances, and reduce the amount of sucrose used.

2. Improve unpleasant aftertaste, and improve the overall taste of food.

3. Added to food as natural preservatives.

In Nutraceutical:

1. Has a strong antibacterial effect.

2. Has a significant inhibition of the process of inflammation.

3. Has a strong cough expectorant effect.

4. Significant reduction and inhibition of blood cholesterol levels and liver steroid levels

In Cosmetics:

1. It can inhibit the growth of acne pathogens and activity, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of acne disease.

2. Neutralize free radicals which may damage cells, and has a good anti-oxidation effect;

3. Can prevent the aging, dry, wrinkles of skin and whitening the skin when used in combination with vitamin A.

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