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Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract Product Name: Pomegranate Extract

Specification: 40% Punicalagin A + B

40% Ellagic Acid

Efficacy: Antisepsis and Anti-inflammation

Sources and Habitat:

Pomegranate (Punica granatum L in Latin), belongs to the family Punicaceae which includes only one genus and two species.

The pomegranate tree is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Descriptions of Product:

-   Punicalagin

Molecular Formula: C48H28O30

Molecular Mass: 1084.72

CAS : 65995-63-3

Constititional Formula:

Pomegranate Extract

-   Ellagic Acid

Molecular Formula: C14H6O8

Molecular Mass: 302.20

CAS: 476-66-4

Constititional Formula:

Pomegranate Extract

Indications and Uses:

Pomegranate contains many phytochemicals with antioxidant action.

Pomegranate offers abundant benefits for the cardiovascular system by preventing damage to arterial walls, promoting healthy blood pressure levels, improving blood flow to the heart, and preventing or reversing atherosclerosis.

Pomegranate may benefit people with diabetes and those at risk for the disease. Pomegranate helps lower after-meal blood sugar levels and protects the cardiovascular system from diabetes-induced damage.

Pomegranate may fight the degeneration of joint tissue that leads to painful osteoarthritis, and may protect the brain against oxidative stress-induced changes that can lead to Alzheimer’s. Pomegranate extracts—alone or in combination with the herb gotu kola—help kill the bacteria that contribute to dental plaque, while helping to heal gum disease. Pomegranate also appears to protect the health of the skin and liver.

The health benefits of pomegranate can be conveniently obtained through the use of low-cost, concentrated juices and extracts.

Safety Concerns:

Pomegranate should not be used by pregnant and nursing women, and overuse (many times the recommended dosage) may cause cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.  Pomegranate fruit should not be taken if you have diarrhea, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Pomegranate fruit should not be taken with oil or fats when used to treat parasite infections.  Some people who are allergic to Pomegranate are also allergic to other fruits, pollen or nuts.

Dosage Information:

In the most significant clinical studies to date, a daily dose of 78 mg of punicalagins yielded such remarkable benefits as reversing atherosclerosis, reducing high blood pressure, and preventing the adverse cardiovascular consequences of diabetes.

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