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Grape Skin Extract - Natural Food Colouring

Grape Skin Extract - Natural Food Colouring


For decades, grape skin has been known as a source of natural red pigments. Those natural red pigments are polyphenols and belong to the anthocyanin family.

These anthocyanins, also known as grape skin extracts, are labelled E163.

Extracted from selected Spanish red grapes, the grape skin extract offerscolour shades from violet to dark red. This natural ingredient is a perfect alternative to all artificial red and pink colours for the Food and Beverage Industry.

What it is used for
Recognisedas one of the best natural food colouring ingredients, the grape skin extract is commonly used for :

Beverages (soft drinks, spirits)
Ice-cream and dairy desserts (yoghurts)
Jams and fruit preparation
A natural food colouring for cakes, sweets and dairy desserts, the grape also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatoryproperties, which turns this natural colouring extract into an ideal ingredient for nutraceutical compounds and new functional food recipes.

Where to Buy Natural Food Colouring
Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is one of the major suppliers of natural grape extract, and especially grape skin extract. Our location, in the largest wine region in the world, as well as our research and production capabilities, make us one of the major industrial complexes dedicated to preparing natural ingredients from the grape.

Environmentally-friendly, we are also proud of our contribution to sustaining rural employment in La Mancha.

If you are looking to buy sustainable natural food colouring alternatives derived from the grape, look no further: we are the world´s experts.

Being direct manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of products, including some standard products:

EV2 (liquid)
EV3 (liquid)
EV12 -24  (powder)
These products are available in full tank, IBC or 15-20 kg cardboard boxes.

Grape Skin Extract Benefits
New studies have also demonstrated some beneficial properties of anthocyanins as effective natural antioxidantsand anti-ageingcompounds that explain why this natural additive is more and more used in the food, animal feed and nutraceutical industries. 

As a natural additive, grape skin powder is increasingly used in functional food recipes for a balanced and even healing diet. Its potential cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antiviral and antimicrobial properties constitute an endless supply of wellness that is also harnessed in the production of dietary supplements. That is why some of our grape skin extracts are also standardized with a high polyphenols content.

Hence, it is no wonder that both food colouring manufacturers and savvy consumers favour this natural additive over artificial ingredients.

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