Citrimore is formed for citrus extracts and their derivatives. Through decades' in-depth study on various of citrus in different places of origin, we obtain a clear understanding of Citrus.

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Hesperetin Product Name: Hesperetin

Synonym: 4'-methoxy-3 ',5,7-trihydroxyflavanone

CAS Number: 520-33-2

Specification: 90%,95%,98%HPLC

Appearance: White powder

Botanical Source: Citrus Aurantium L.


It is mainly coming from the enzymolysis of hesperidin with the functions of invigorating the stomach, eliminating phlegm, preventing cough, expelling rheumatism, treating diuresis, anti-virus, anti-microbial, treating non-return and relieving stomachache, widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare product industry etc.

Hesperetin was listed in FEMA as the raw material of flavors and fragrances in 2007 with FEMA No. 4313 and also listed in SFDA GB2760 in 2017 with No. N375.


-Food and Flavors

1. It can enhance the sweet taste of a sweet-tasting substances, and reduce the amount of sucrose used.

2. It can improve the unpleasant taste of food, and increase the degree of delicious.

3. It can enhance the sweet olfactory impression of sweeteners.


1. It has remarkable function of anti-inflammation and antioxidant.

2. It has significant regulation and inhibition function of cardiovascular protection and reducing blood lipid.

3. It can reduce toxicity damage of nervous excitability and play a role in protecting the nervous system.


1. Protect skin from environmental damages and prevent tanning and sunburn.

2. Improve microcirculation, and eliminate the related symptoms of microcirculation (such as dark circles).

3. Prevent skin aging symptoms, improve skin dull, and make skin become smooth and flexible.

4. Control the formation of sebum, and prevent skin acnes;

5. Hesperetin can be esterified with lauricacid to obtain Hesperetin laurate, which is widely used in cosmetics.

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