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Black Currant Extract

Black Currant Extract Latin Name: Ribes Nigrum


Anthocyanins  1%~36%HPLC

Anthocyanidins  1%~25%UV

Proanthocyanidins  1%~40%UV

Polyphenols  1%~35%UV



Black Currant is a perennial shrub native to Northern Europe, Northern America, and Canada. The Black Currant plant produces a fruit similar to the American blueberry, but containing higher quantities of constituents useful for visual acuity and night blindness.


Black Currant is rich in anthocyanosides. Over 15 different anthocyanosides have been found in Black Currant. Anthocyanosides help to maintain the integrity of capillaries and to stabilize collagen. Anthocyanosides are also potent antioxidants. Numerous clinical studies have shown that Black Currant is effective in the treatment of circulation disorders, varicose veins, and other venous and arterial disorders. The anthocyanosides protect veins and arteries by stabilizing the phospholipids of the endothelial cells, and by increasing the synthesis of collagen and mucopolysaccharides which give the arterial walls their structural integrity. Antho-cyanosides also prevent the aggregation and adherence of platelets to endothelial surfaces. Studies have also shown that Black Currant can act as a coadjutant in heme-ralopy and diabetic retinopathy and can stimulate rhodopsin production.

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